Fall Protection with Freedom

Safety, with freedom. Davis Fall Protection Systems were born out of the need to unencumber aircraft mechanics of harnesses, heavy, unrealistic or otherwise unusable racks, etc. Our purpose is to provide aircraft personnel a way to move more freely about, with the ability to complete repairs and checks with peace of mind and movement.

Our systems are customizable and configurable to specific needs, giving you the freedom to set up a system that works for you. Easily stored and transported, at a fraction of the cost of other safety systems, Davis Fall Protection can be set up quickly, maintaining a safe work enviroment for an indefinite amount of time. Free from the need of constant blowers, our heat-welded, airtight bags are a safe solution for use around jets and their fuel.

Quick-Fill Valves

The 2-inch nozzle on our Fall Protection Systems allows for quick and easy setup of each bag. Each set includes an inflation system with hose attachments custom-made for our cap and nozzle system. Caps are attached to each bag, ensuring full functionality, by never losing a cap.

Easy-Connect Panels

Each Fall Protection bag is designed with ease of use in mind. All connection points are created to connect correctly, every single time. The heavy-duty buckle and webbing system used on the connection panels are straighforward for use across all systems and configurations.

Innovative Pressure Relief Valves

Our Patent-Pending pressure relief valves provide a safe, comfortable landing option for aircraft personnel. We provide a middle ground between a solid airtight bag and a system that requires constant blowers. These valves are designed to remain airtight until needed. Upon impact, the relief valves will disengage from their placement, relieving the pressue of impact, to allow for a more cushioned fall and landing. After a fall, each bag is easily inspected and reset.

Durable Storage and Transportation

Fall Protection Systems ship in their own durable rolling storage cases, ready to transport from one hangar to another, or across the world. Our systems are easily stored when not in use, requiring less space than other options on the market.

Our Fall Protection Systems have been tested to comply with OSHA's 29 CFR 1926.502(c)(2).

Systems for the F-22 and F-35 are rated for a 5 foot fall from working plane to horizontal surface of bag.